Annbank Race Night

There is a lot of hard work goes on at the yard, and Fossilfield Training Centre are so incredibly grateful for all those involved that help keep things running. Sometimes the work is a lot of hard labour and great fun, sometimes it is all about fundraising and finding finance to keep supportin the project, but sometimes too it is also all about kicking back and having great fun (although that still takes hard work from the folk organising it!).

Last night (26th August) was one of those nights where we all got to kick back a bit and just have some good old fun whilst also raising some funds too, with a Race Night organised at Annbank Village Hall. It was a brilliant night and we would love to extend a massive thank you to the Cross Family and the Hendersons for organising such a fantastic evening and raising an amazing amount of £965 for the Centre.

It was lovely to see so much support for what we are doing from all your family and friends. 😍😍😍