Fossilfield Training Centre

Supporting young people to realise their potential through a unique equine enabled learning program

ARIA’s Video Fund has provided the Centre with a host of film-making and IT equipment which will not only document the progress of the Centre’s young people but will also improve the digital literacy of a rural community.

Our extensive range of clubs!

Providing affordability and inclusion to elite equine performance sports our bespoke clubs are offered to local children, young people and adults who experience social and economic barriers.

Equine Enabled Learning

Offering 1:1, and family orientated sessions our Equine School of Wellness offers a holistic coaching experience for those that struggle within a group setting and would benefit from the healing properties of equine assisted therapy.

Leadership Awards

Centered around the practical routine care, training and welfare needs of our Team of Rehabilitated Racehorses the Fossilfield Leadership Awards have been developed to reflect the employment ambitions of young people who have struggled to enter the world of work for any number of reasons through offering volunteering and work experience.

Mentoring & Coaching

Learning to share skills, lived experiences and knowledge is a wonderful way for young people to grow in confidence and to value their self-worth . At Fossilfield we work as a Team offering an infrastructure that is just as unique to Fossiilfield as it’s equine enabled program.

Jockey Academy

Our bespoke Jockey Academy works in partnership with local schools to prevent educational disengagement from mainstream provisions. Offering a unique equine enabled learning experience our Academy supports the value of learning through a practical person-centred program of Horse Care and Riding

Fossilfield Racing College

Offering a comprehensive learning experience as a SQA Approved Training Centre the Fossilfield Racing College is the first independent and private Industry Specific Training Provider for Horse-racing and Pony Racing in Scotland.

Adult Coaching

Whether you are a complete beginner, a rider that has lost their confidence or an experienced rider with a specific goal in mind our complimentary approach infusing traditional equitation and elite equine sport performance is self-paced offering unique coaching sessions which will transform an ordinary riding lesson into a life changing moment.

Racing Staff Coaching

Our freelance Level 2 Race coaches are there to support industry staff whether it is to improve skills on the ground or on the gallops. Contact us directly for private 1:1 sessions or team building activities.

Fossilfield Training Centre